Thursday 4 May 2017

A Jump To Sardinia - Second Day

By Lorenzo Spanò

It's 8.30 am, after writing last night until one o'clock, I'm here to write from 7.30 am, but around me they all sleep, sleep like angels, I'm already thinking of the queue to take advantage of the bathroom just wake up. Today's program is a pedal to close three or four rings in the first inland.

Five days may seem so many, but in fact with all the things I wanted to show to my friends, they become just a small starter. Days and strength should be inexhaustible. Today we would have had two sloping with Mount Nieddu and Pitrisconi Falls, but from the program we set by consulting guides and Google maps, we did not consider the conditions of the trails that since the last flood have not yet been Restored, sin, for me was a unique opportunity to safely ride in Sardinia. But in the end we had to surrender, because it was a risk of being lost. However it was a really beautiful tour, all immersed in nature with views and scents.

Despite the long and hard climbs, my enthusiasm has made you able to ride well without ever pulling me off, and I assure you that my friends are climbers. In summary the day, we got up around nine o'clock all of us had to dispose of the night in the ship. Breakfast and immediately to the market for the sheepdog to take home, then change the ride, backpack and away. For the first km the wind blows behind us and I assure you that it is really enjoyable, especially in pedal climbs, it seemed to fly, but in my heart I thought about the return and the chance to give up not to find it against. Made the first 4 km, we immediately throw on dirt that cut these small hills allow us to enjoy the spectacle of wild nature.

Then I forced them not to take the water home because I would have had them drink in the many springs that they met in the path that I had studied for them. I really rode and talked a lot, the enthusiasm helped me to withstand fatigue. Very hard, accompanied by so many stops to make pictures that do not make justice to the panorama, and then the air with its scents provokes emotional difficulties to tell, but the more it went on and the more I saw in my eyes a confirmation of my stories. Tom Tom was out of the games, I had the situation in my hand, and we went up and down the mountains despite the explanations of the forest and the premises, we did several times in the same path, after several attempts to continue on the path that I was Determined to close, I had to surrender, perhaps the only way to keep us going, was barred by a shepherd with her flock, nothing dangerous if we had to deal with the The sheep, but the dogs! Sin!

Also because by doing all these dirt roads, I noticed how many kms they cut the national road that from Padre brings to Ale Dei Sardi, after passing the last hill, saw the Alá wind blades that usually begin to see after 75 km. This territory has so many white roads a great network of beautiful carriageways that, if traced and reported, as in other regions, could be an attraction for many hikers and mountain bikers. Most often at the end of a climb, you find a plateau, and the landscapes always change, they are the master of the vegetation and the rocks, if you observe carefully they give you the idea that they have been carved.

Thinking back to Corsica, I realize that apart from the inland sea they have nothing in common. After several attempts at the different bivouches, we found ourselves in the same starting points, then we decided to go back home looking the same way, at least until the first junction that would lead us to
Pleasant encounters
bring a small village over Padru. From there to the state road the road was completely destroyed, we dropped very often from the bikes in order not to risk making us seriously ill. Then Padru finally went home, but the wind blew in his face this time and after that climb he felt on his legs.

Arriving on the national road 125, I decide to take them to visit the beautiful Pischiera, the light is still high and the photos do not make the image to this huge lagoon pond, which has a park you can visit.

We got a nice snack home, bike maintenance and then we prepare for dinner. Tomorrow we will make less km. To enjoy some of the sea and then to Olbia to see the arrival of the first stop of the centenary tour of Italy.

From the misfortune of Michele Scarponi, talking again about the Giro is hard not to think of him. Documenting our third day, tomorrow will be simpler.

Hello Cubo

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