Thursday, 8 September 2011

40th-issimo Cup (Colle Fauniera) The Program

I cannot see a best way to celebrate my 40th birthday. The tour is not too long but the uphill is quite tough and famous because here Pantani won and a statue is dedicated to him at the top. There is everything to be a wonderful day, friends and family, we hope only in the good weather.

The Fauniera Col (also called "The death Col " due to a tremendous battle between Spain and Piedmont armies in the 17th century) connect the Valle Grana with the Vallone dell'Arma (a north side valley of Stura di Demonte that start from Cuneo).

Day 1
Dronero - Marmora (80 Km)

Starting from Dronero
Road from Caraglio to Demonte
Uphill to olle Fauniera
Very technical downhill to the Esischie Col;
Dinner and Accomodation in Baita a Marmora

Route (Altimeter Profile)

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Day 2
Marmora - Dronero (58 Km)

Departure from Marmora
Way back to Colle Fauniera
Panoramic downhill toward Caraglio
Lunch in Agriturismo

Route (Altimetria)

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Hotel Info


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