Friday 30 September 2011

From the Alps to Mont Ventoux (1st Edition)

Salita al Monte Ventoso

Oggi, spinto dal solo desiderio di vedere un luogo celebre per la sua altezza, sono salito sul più alto monte di questa regione, chiamato giustamente Ventoso. 
La mole del monte, infatti, tutta sassi, è assai scoscesa e quasi inaccessibile, ma ben disse il poeta che «l’ostinata fatica vince ogni cosa»
[F. Petrarca] 

Overall Tour

Day 1: Cuneo - La Roure (102 Km)
Day 2: La Roure - Castellane (105 Km)
Day 3: Castellane - Greoux Les Bains (77 Km)
Day 4: Greoux Les Bains - Arles (135 Km)
Day 5: Arles - Carpentras (70 Km)
Day 6: Carpentras - Nyons (84 Km)
Day 7: Nyons - Gap (108 Km)
Day 8: Gap - Barcellonnette (68 Km)
Day 9: Barcellonnette - Cuneo (110 Km)

Visualizzazione ingrandita della mappa

Day 1
Cuneo - La Roure (102 Km)


Col De La Lombarde:  (2.350 m s.l.m.) is amountain pass at the border between France and Italy in the Maritime Alps.
The uphill is one of the most impressive in the Alps. The uphill is 21.7 Km long with an average inclination of 6.8% and a maximum of 14%. On the Italian side you can see on your way the San Anna Sanctuary, the highest in Europe. On the French side you will find on your way the ski resort area of Isola 2000. The Tour de France passed here in the 2008 in the Cuneo - Jausiersstage which was won by Stefan Schumacher.

On your path the road will pass across the Parc National Du Mercantour that is located on the extrem south-east part of France just close by Piedmont, it is one of the 9 national parc in France. The Parc National Du Mercantour includes the following valleys which some of them will be crossed in the following days:

Gorges de la Valabres: Road characterized by red rocks with tunnels in the rocks.

La Roure: it is a small town in the Maritime alps in the region of Alpes-de-Haute-Provence with 219 people, from here the view is wonderful, it is recommended to stay at the Auberge Le Robur (Booking).


Altitude Profile

Hotel info
Name: Auberge Le Robur
Address: Rue Centrale, Roure, 06420, France
Phone: +33493020357

Day 2
La Roure - Castellane (105 Km)


Roubion It is a sall town which dominate the Vionène valley and laying on the rock.

The first uphill of the day is the Col de la Cuillole (m 1678). During the uphill is possible to see the typical middle age village of Roubion.


Gorges du Cians: The cians is a small river confluent to the Var, but is famous because crossing the spectacular Gorges.

Today additional highlights:
Col de Toutes Aures
Lac de Castillon

Altitude Profile

Day 3
Castellane - Greoux Les Bains (77 Km)


Gorges du Verdon: it is the canyon formed by Verdon river, it is considered one of the best of Europe. The canyon is 25 Km long and 700 meters height.
The river name derive by its colour. The most canyon interesting part is starting after the Castellane villageup to the Saint Croix Lake.

Lac de Saint Croix: The artificial lake formed by means of a dam build from 1971 to 1974 called Saint Croix barrage. The basin has a capacity of 761 million of water square meters and it is able to produce 142 million of KWh of electric energy per year.

Route (77 Km)

Altitude Profile

Adviced Hotel
Name: La Cheneraie
Address: Chemin Des Collines Bp32, Greoux Les Bains, 04800, France
Phone: +33492780323

Day 4
Greoux Les Bains - Arles (135 Km)


Vinon Sur Verdon
Gorges de L'Infernet
Aix en Provence


Altitude Profile

Hotel info
Name: Hôtel Résidence de la Transhumance
Address: 11, rue de la Transhumance, Saint Martin de Crau, 13310, France
Phone: +33490182970

Day 5
Arles - Carpentras (70 Km)


Adviced Hotel info
Name: Les Demeures Du Ventoux
Address: Avenue Majoral Jouve Quartier De La Rodde, Aubignan, 84810, France
Phone: +33490361083

Day 6 (Thursday 29/09/2011) Mont Ventoux
Carpentras - Nyons (84 Km)

Il Mont Ventoux is a massif which peak can reach 1912 meters. It is called by the French "The Giant of the Provence", it is located airline 20 Km south from Carpentras and it is quite far away from other peak in the region.

The Mount Ventoux is classified "Biosphere Reserve" from the UNESCO inthe context of "MAB" (Man and Biosphere) project. The Mount Ventoux presents a specific flora and a rich fauna. The surranding hills are famous for the well-known table wine (Côtes du Ventoux).


Altitude Profile

Hotel info
Name: La Picholine
Address: Promenade de la Perriere Nyons, 26110, France
Phone: +33475260621
Location: Latitude 44.36472, Longitude 5.13545 (N 044° 21.883, E 05° 8.127)


Day 7
Nyons - Gap (108 Km)

Col De La Sauce


Hotel info
Name: Hotel Pre Vert
Address: Belle Aureille - Micropolis Gap, 05000, France
Phone: +33492524584, +33492520691 (Fax)

Day 8
Gap - Barcellonnette (68 Km)

Route (68 Km)

Altitude Profile

Hotel info
Name: Chalet Pra Loup
Address: Les Molanes
Pra Loup 1500, 04400
Phone: +33676638440, +33492322226 (fax)

Day 9
Barcellonnette - Cuneo (110 Km)


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