Friday 2 December 2022

A sacred mountain for the Gran Paradiso

By Toni Farina

As usual, there was beautiful sunshine on Saturday 26 November in Turin. It's the norm in North West Italy these days. A worrying and mocking meteorological situation, thinking of the contemporary tragedy of Ischia.

Tuesday 15 June 2021

Sardinia Tour 2019: Last stage Magomadas - Porto Torres

And here we are at the story of the last stage of this exciting journey by Giorgio, Lorenzo and Tom. The guys truly deserve all the compliments they got in their Facebook posts. Thanks to Lorenzo who did a great job of writing and preparing the photos to be able to tell you the best of the stages of this journey.

Monday 14 June 2021

Cycling in the Uzzone Valley, the Langa of Cortemilia

by Toni Farina

Alta Langa, on the border with Liguria. The Uzzone stream flows into the Bormida di Millesimo in Cortemilia. The valley that takes its name is wedged between the Bormida di Millesimo Valley to the west and the Bormida di Spigno to the east.

Saturday 26 December 2020

An autumn day in the Roero on a bicycle

Eccellenze del Roero
Mountains, hills, plains: Piedmont is truly a varied land. Only the sea is missing. We are sure? Because if you think about it in Piedmont there is also that. Just go to a peak of the Apennines, above Ovada, and you can see the sea just below. A horizon of light that dissolves into infinity.

Sunday 8 September 2019

Corsica Cycling Tour

Travel notes in 710 Km of effort, beauty and ....

In recent days, fate has led Leandro and Loredana on the Cubo Viaggiatore web pages, their desire to share the wonderful experience of travel by bike did the rest. So here we are, transported by fate meetings, to have the opportunity to publish the story of travel to Corsica. Leandro and Loredana have made a wonderful travel diary, with photos and graphics of the route maps, a wealth of details and preparation that have given great value to this Travel Story.

By Leandro and Loredana


Five years ago we left a piece of heart in Corsica, after having done almost the complete tour by RV with some dear friends; we liked it a lot but we didn't see two of the perhaps most beautiful features, the north western part and part of the "finger" (the north end). Unfortunately we had the days and we could not visit anything else. In recent years we have abandoned football (Loredana after thirty years of competitive activity and Leandro after twenty years at managerial level) and the few hours that the work allows us to dedicate to the bicycle. Nothing sophisticated or competitive, not "racing", no curved tubulars and dumbbells; it's not even about "mountain bikes", our two vehicles are trekking-city-tourism, with 24-speed gearboxes, straight handlebars, intermediate tires, luggage racks, mudguards and lights. Do not miss the cycle computer for detections of distance, speed etc. After many trips of 50/60 km made in our area starting from home and several routes in the hinterland of Pesaro and Rimini taking the bike in the car on the starting point is slowly matured the idea that that "piece of heart" maybe we could go to take it back. The motivations were to be able to take a decidedly different path, to celebrate the "silver wedding" with a trip to remember, and a little also to find our limits.

Thursday 1 November 2018

Tour of the Peloponnese by bicycle by Leandro and Loredana

Leandro and Loredana, whom we have already met on their tour of Corsica, also contact us to share a wonderful travel diary. In 2007, the couple from Gradara embarked on this adventure (for those who have already cycled in Greece, they know that it is a real challenge) traveling the circumnavigation of the Peloponnese, a journey of 900 km which they themselves define as having "a thousand contrasts". The diary is very detailed and full of information and particulars, Cuboviaggiatore certainly does not want to make a summary for its readers and publishes it in its entirety. The story will then be divided into posts, relating to the individual stages, which will tell the daily exploits of Leandro and Loredana. Let's start with the Preparation of the Trip and the Introduction and then we will continue with the stages.

Sunday 12 August 2018

Sardinia Tour

One of our authors of long standing gives us this wonderful story of his last summer tour in Sardinia.

By Marco Mazzola
with the valuable support of Giorgio Iacotino

This year we (Giorgio, Marco, Tom, Ottavio) decided to leave with our MTBs from home, so Friday May 26 we start from Rivarolo Canavese direction Turin Train Station to take the train to Genoa. Arrived in Genoa in a few minutes we arrive at the boarding for the Moby ferry, with the bikes we are the first to go up and so in a short time we are in the cabin to leave our bags and we enjoy our quiet night of navigation toward Porto Torres.