Friday 5 May 2017

A Jump in Sardinia - Third Day

By Lorenzo Spanò

Hi, today will be a hectic day, bike ride, bathing at the sea and racing to Olbia for the Giro d'Italia stage arrival. A real race against time. We got up early, a nice breakfast then bike, heading up Mount Nieddu and Pitrisconi Falls.

The wind at this time is still weak, we have fired on St Teodoro "straula" and then start climbing up the steep climb, the enthusiast wonders as soon as you leave the national road, after the first two sloping around the 14%.

A beautiful descent, stopped at the Spring and away for the daring climb, the beautiful scenery as always, strong doubts about the chance to find the waterfalls with a considerable amount of water, because to judge the appearance of the streams I did not seem to be able to form Waterfalls.

However we are dancing and then on, I did not sleep thinking of this road and its slopes. After a few hundred meters the first stops to take photos. We climbed on a very steep cemented street, and our computers marked at some points 23%.

Terrible, I have done it many times, but every time it seems to me tough, it will be the age and the poor workout. I was hoping someone would make photos, but only so many films with Gopro. The valleys climbing across I am fascinated by the great variety of plants and vegetation, but I have to say that climbing with those slopes, I keep focusing on holding the handlebar on which to push to push, and here my 90 kilograms, They made me masters, I came to the last. Downhill we crossed a cow with his calf, here the animals graze free and even for several miles.

As soon as we went down we immediately headed for one of the first waterfalls passing through the Pitrisconi yard, named after the falls. Then there was the noise of the water, but as I imagined, with little water the waterfalls take on dimensions that they do not fascinate. I have seen them with lots of water and they are great.

Then a few photos and we headed for the path that crossed Mount Nieddu leads us to Padru, so that we close a ring without going back from the same road.

But even here I have not made a big mistake about how it could be after the frequent floods that have completely erased the most important off roads.

A disaster alll tthe way walking and wading ponds, an endless climb with bikes on shoulder and descent that was even worse in the midst of the bows, arms and legs will bring the signs for a while. I'm not telling you Tom Tom's comments and jokes. I think this will make me pay it sooner or later. We reach the asphalt that takes us to Padru and then home.

We stop buying fruit to take to the sea for a snack. Today it's only for one hour to go to Porto Taverna. Everyone has been bathed except me, the water is really too cold and I'm not going to suffer, I even realize that Tiziano was so cold that he did not even want to get a hot shower at home.

The Giro d'Italia is waiting for us, then dinner with fish in a trattoria. In less than an hour we are ready and we leave for Olbia.

Here I immediately go between the caravans of the sponsors, carrying gags and bottles that always serve. The charm of the Giro never changes, a beautiful caravan, so many VIP and former riders I'm not listing because there were so many.
Selfie with some miss and Marino Bartoletti. We looked at the arrival and then traveled looking for space between the people who came near the caravans and stand at a certain point. It was all blocked and we had to get off the pond channel and climb up before the bridge and say we no longer the age for certain things.

Driving less than 30 minutes we were in Monti in the my great friend Antonello vineyard, a quick visit to his vineyards with a fantastic local produce, accompanied by a nebiolo wine and spumante of his production. Imagine my state that I do not hold alcohol. But he is so, he opens his home to friends and friends, think he has prepared his wine bottles for each of my friends, accompanied by a very good Peretti cheese. Antonello for me is like a brother. On vacation we are always together and share the same passions for hobbies, so that in the village we always help everyone in solving problems.

Well we're pretty shiny to get in the car and start off for fish dinner. Tomorrow time will allow us to make an important lap with Padru to see the passage of the Giro d'Italia second stage and then close another very nice and hard ring.

The Route

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