Saturday 6 May 2017

A Jump in Sardinia - Fourth Day

By Lorenzo Spanò

Hello, we decided at end for this short vacation on the pedals, the excuse or the stimulus that this journey has made to look closely at our idols, has given me with great pride the opportunity to visit these wonderful places to my pedal friends. Today we wanted to see them at the top of the Padru climb, because of the weather threatening rain, they anticipated the start. In Padru the streets were blocked and we were forced to wait at the bottom of a descent. Our supplications have come to nothing.
The police have not looked at anyone in the face today, not even in a car of the roundabout that came from elsewhere. However, even though we have missed 60km ahead of time, we have also had our little satisfaction today. Immediately after their passage, we parted, we had all the hard legs, the 4 consecutive cycling days were beginning to be heard. Going up the state toward our goal, we meet groups of residents who had arranged to incite runners with tables with every god of God, beer and wine at rivers, passing us inviting and offering beers, I smiled because I thought it was an ironic gesture, it was still nice to see the whole population, including kids participating in this party, the charm of the Giro d'Italia is really engaging.

We stop for the supply to the source that I call Padre Pio, because the premises have made it a place of worship, I do not know the reasons, but I will inform you, here too many Pic Nic tables, Tiziano at one point says: "I have an amazing temptation, I would like to drink the beer they gave me!" So I realized from them that if we were stopped we would have done Pic Nic with them. We resume climbing, but we are almost at the top and near the junction of Sa Pedra Bianca, and we will continue our tour until Cantiere Usanavà.

Here we are on the plateau, it's really nice we stop every now and then to make photos of the incredibly green pastures. This plateau is 500 meters altitude, and is one of those I like the most in Sardinia. The road becomes unpaved and shifts in more directions, the GPS shows us that they all relate to each other.

It would have been nice to be able to make a longer side road that takes you higher, but we are late and the pedestrian miles are still so many, I just decide a small deviation to make them see a natural pond and drink to another source.

We take advantage of the break to eat something, and then we start to face a steep and steep climb, and some of it has forced us to go on foot, with the exception of Skeletor, he climbs up to talk and goes like a train. We will make Doping control when we return home.

We are going through a beautiful stretch, the rocks around us take on incredible shapes, the trees are majestic, so that Tom Tom has let go of the phrase, which looks beautiful to the Dolomites. And then, "but you come up here alone?"

Indeed he is right, he does not take any signals from the cell phone in those outdated places, and I think somebody seldom. But it is beautiful and it breathes a wild air and is fascinating all around us. Here we are on the top, a couple of miles of steep descent but with an acceptable bottom and not destroyed by the water. Then two more important tears and here we are at the Usanavà yard. Water supply photo and home away. We descend for about 4 km on a narrow concrete road with constant slopes around 24/25%. The brake disks smoke, I made that way a couple of times, I was able to stand on the pedals but I stopped to breathe every 200 meters, Terrible!

Finally we touch the asphalt, a couple of climbs that will make us go down to the sea and then a long descent that will take us to Budoni on state road 125. We slid downhill with one stop at the Brunella murals. Tiziano continued to say, "but there is no one", the road was wide and very beautiful made almost 15 km downhill only at the bottom we meet in the opposite direction 2 cars. Here we are on the state road, unfortunately the wind has changed, my calculations would still be in favor, but this is now Maestral and will hinder us home. We are all tired because of my size and the habit and wind that I encounter for long stretches in my travels, I go ahead trying to keep an appropriate pace, Skeletor passes every now and then he pushes well on the pedals, then Titian from his contribution. Tom Tom is tired, we save him and we fear him safe from the air.

All together while pedaling we think of a nice shower and a cool drink. Tomorrow is scheduled to Maestral at 40 km hours, impossible to ride, we are all tired, we are not yet arrived but the word goes unanimously. "Tomorrow no bike, a sheltered beach and sun that limits the tanning of a bricklayer that makes us cyclists a bit ridiculous. It was a nice vacation all together we found Clement's time, just a little wind but we stayed Well, I hope that my story on Sardinia land can stimulate others to appreciate not only the coast but also its wonderful and unspoilt interior territory, beautiful in every season.

I'm here to write on the cellphone keyboard, my friends are all asleep, I apologize if I lose them every now and then, but they close my eyelids, very often, and my finger cleans or slides in one sentence is the other, making disasters. Then in Turin there is my big "meeting of fate" "Cuboviaggiatore" waiting for my news and photos to shape my tale on this Blog. By now he knows me and interprets my emotions know how to read between the lines, in short, symbiotic!

Thanks Cubo and hello to everyone

The Route

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