Wednesday 3 May 2017

A Jump in Sardinia - First Day

By Lorenzo Spanò

As expected, much work to reorganize and fix the state of abandonment of the Garden and plants. Of course, things to do when you open a home after a year are a lot, in addition if you consider that the house not so bidder than a caravan, figure out 4 bicycles, 4 suitcases, 4 bags for bicycles, helmets, shoes and cell phones cables and Goopro around everywhere! A mess! But it's funny!

We arranged bikes and luggage, a bit of shopping and immediately we went biking to visit the beautiful beaches and glimpses of this place. Today, only a few kms, only 35, so we will have to dispose of the journey, visiting the most beautiful beaches around here and never leaving home.

I have not described yet my travel mates here in Sardinia. Let's start from Tom Tom, his nickname is appropriate, because he knows me, roads and stones, he gives me a big hand because he knows the house and his critics know how to move. Then there is Tiziano, her nickname is Recchia or Super Recchia, although I never understood why, since he likes women, but Tom Tom gave him this nickname.

My nickname is Ciccio. The last Franco we call him "Skeletor", we could give him a lot of nicknames, but his main remains Skeketor, I know him for at least 30 years, we did a lot of things together starting with the swimming pool, the bicycle and periodic attendance. He is very thin, and all nervous and muscular, drawn in its small bones.

He is dietician, anyway if you put food on paper plates, he also swallow those, fortunately here the table where we eat is made by iron, not easy to chew it. He is a force of nature, bicycle talking and pedal, is always ahead pushing, we say he is strong cucling as well as eating, just to see him eat or hear his stories If I would eat in the endless inns he know, I would fattening !!! Skeketor is hyperactive, he is not stuck for a moment, even if he is  53 years old, he does a lot of business. In order to keep him locked, you have to tie him to the chair... if he does not chew the ropes.

We decide to enjoy a bit of relaxation at the sea side. I took them to a small, secluded cove with fresh air.

Cala Girgolu, famous for the turtle-shaped rock that tourists are still visiting, even though, since years, it has been decapitated by a villain. The water, I believe by experience, does not exceed 15 to 16 degrees, they bathed, I was able to wet my feet and I assure you that the water was a build up of cocktail ice.

Skeletor even he was not at the best swam for about 18 minutes, a record I assure, there was a polar bear on the rock that gestured by bringing the paw to the forehead!

Completely mad Skeletor!!!

Here we are at "Capo Coda Horse Beach" and the "Butterflies". To get there we had to do some bike trails and some walking trails between the trenches and finally beach and pond edges.

After a couple of hours we came home, an hot shower and we prepared aperitifs and supper, trying to keep Skeletor away from the kitchen.

Evening cheered by the presence of my neighbour Ezio, who I struggled hard to convince him to join us for dinner. Certainly it may seem strange in Sardinia and early May, but we dined with balsamic vinegar roast boar and polenta, of course the wild boar I cooked before leaving Turin.
A nice evening, then we watched the Juventus match, naturally bringing bud luck and after the usual bathroom queue.

The Route

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