Tuesday 2 May 2017

A Jump in Sardinia - The departure

by Lorenzo Spanò

Finally after so many preparations, we are leaving. In the morning I and Antonello loaded the car and after several attempts, the bikes were placed on the new bike carrier.

We started off with the rain that did not abandon us all the way. One eye to the road and the other to the bike, difficult for someone like me that fortunately have never used these means, adapt and especially be serene.
Anyway, we're in the street, Tiziano is quiet, Antonello (Tom Tom), even in the car gesturing with his hands to show the way.

Franco "Skeletor" in my opinion is the most suffering in the car. When entering in the car he has already given signs of anxiety, he is always agitated and frantically on the move, started with his two cell phones charged and discharged, then every while switching on the navigator and tell to me the driving  distances and averages with probable arrival times in Livorno.

The sky is not just a threatening one, it bursts in and between me and me every once in a while, thinking about their weathered bicycles while my little girl is covered inside and warm.

We arrived on time at the  Livorno port and since the ship x was not yet there an improvised aperitif with the slices of breaded meat made by my mom. I must say they are very welcome.

Just after being on-board, straight to the cabin and then jumping around the ship. We then drew the sandwiches I had lovingly prepared today at home. Even those liked by all and swallowed up in a blink of an eye.

Finally we leave, we start in the cabin and see how to settle. Tomorrow we will be in Sardinia and we hope to find a good weather.

Skeletor immediately fell asleep, the ship is dancing a bit, we hope well.

Wake up at dawn and we are in the port of Olbia. The air on the deck is pretty cool, today it should heat up a bit.

Despite the fresh air I could not avoid to go out and take a couple of photos. Any time at the entrance to Olbia port I feel emotions, it is not my land, but I realize that these perfumes belong to me.
Certainly after leaving Livorno with the clouds and the chimneys pulling out the refinery gas, here it is like really breathing.

Already in the port you can smell the scents of this land. Now, as soon as we get down we head to the house with a stop in the cafeteria pastry shop of "Mura Maria", a must for breakfast.
It's 6.30 and we are waiting for a nice day. Today I will do my friends a quiet bike ride just to see beaches and localities in the surroundings.

Usually when I come to Sardinia, I dedicate the first stop to a place that has accompanied my holidays for many years, I wanted to share with my friends this my deep feeling, at Porto Tavern's view, I think they have understood many things about me.

Porto Taverna spectacular. Now we have no excuses, we go home and we organize these 5 days of bike tours.

Before we got home we stopped for a greeting in Constantine, for me the boss. A couple of photos to her wonderful flowers and then we went home to download bikes and luggage.

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