Thursday 30 March 2017

Bardonecchia - Narrow Valley (Vallèe Etroite) in winter

Well, one of the classic summer mountain bike trails is also feasible in winter. The road is not cleaned by snow, which from the old border is left on the road and it is beaten.

The trail takes on a nice winter connotation, pedaling on snowy paths as you have understood it has always been for me an opportunity to appreciate the mountain alternatively to skiing, which unfortunately is becoming something too chaotic and massive.

You can start from Campo Smith in Bardonecchia, in this case you will have to cross a path on asphalt to the entrance of the narrow valley, or you can start from Melezet using the ski slopes parking or you can leave the car in the parks just after the second camping.

The winter road is used by those who want to go skiing, mountaineering, snowshoes or simply walking, and why not bicycle?
In the case of climb from Campo Smith is very interesting, it is striking to cross the historic village of Borgata de Les Arnaud with its fountains and the little church.

The road is getting narrow next to the Church of San Lorenzo with the floor plan located below the road level.
The beginning of the snowy part begins with a beautiful slope near which the road is getting narrow. Definitely impressive that you can see the lower road signs because they are immersed in the snow.
The following bends are again fairly sloping until the road becomes almost flat at Plaine de Vourzenet.

After the flat part mostly in the shade, it continues to climb up to Granges Valle Etriote.

Once you arrive in Granges della Valle Stretta you can refresh yourself at the Terzo Alpini refuge
Alternatively there is also the Re Magi refuge.

I just preferred to get close to the fountain and look at the panorama, with Mount Thabor in the background, thinking about the snow-covered downhill. In the video an attempt to share both the uphill and downhill emotions.
The video

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