Thursday 20 October 2016

Cornaley, an unplanned trip

Since I have been urged to disconnect the plug from everyday life, I decide to take a couple of days off and make a micro bike trip, 2 days maximum, especially considering that this year I do not have a great traning, 2 days can be enough for me.

I decide to contact Lorenzo and to propose him to join me, obviously Lorenzo has shown as usual his great passion and enthusiasm and he immediately told me about it. However, it was not easy to find a destination location for this bike ride. With Lorenzo we phoned more than once and made several assumptions. Unfortunately, we got also stuck in several logistical problems. We tried with refuges (the initial idea was to use MTB) but some of them were closed and the others were unavailable, so we opted for the road bike and a 2 day tour in the unsual destination of Cornaley.

Cornaley is a quaint town on Settimo Vittone at the borders between Piedmont and Val d'Aosta.

Among the many attempts to find a place to stay, Lorenzo called his friend Piero, owner of the La Baracca Restaurant, asking for Bed and Breakfast availability near Cornaley.

Piero's response was negative, in the area there areno Bed and Breakfast. To meet us however, he proposed a room in the aunt's house not far from his restaurant. Faced with this kind and tempting offer we could not say no.

The First Day

The next day, with a bit of delay, around 10 am. Crossing the city by bike paths has certainly not benefited us, but when a trip is improvise the changes are on the agenda. In front of the Pellerina Park, Lorenzo propose a visit to a UGI girl in Tronzano, which makes us journey longer than 30 km, but it makes us very happy and certainly would have liked her too.

I propose, given the proximity to Vercelli, to involve Lamberto, the traveling companion of Pedalando not to forget (2nd edition). Lorenzo did not repeat it twice, and he immediately called while riding. Lamberto hesitated because he had made several commitments, but told us he would think how to handle them.

After half an hour when we were before Chivasso, Lamberto reminds us to let us know that he would reach us at Tronzano by Klaudja with Mauro and Riccardo. Suddenly after the phone call, unfortunately, when we reach Chivasso we are overwhelmed by a rather dense thunderstorm. We took advantage of staying under the porches and taking something hot in a bar and alerting Lamberto for a further delay, with not much difficulty moving as the center of Chivasso was holding the market. The weather forecasts on the previous day did not show rain at all, so we were totally unprepared, without rain cover.

As soon as we left Chivasso the rain calmed down and we started our way back to Tronzano. Along the trail almost in the vicinity of Tronzano we met the Lamberto Mauro and Riccardo group . The first goal of the day, to visit Klaudja, is achieved!

At the Klaudja'home entrances, she almost does not recognize us. Afterwards her uncles and lovely Klaudja greetings do not miss.

We obviously take our usual pictures and then we ride to the Viverone Lake together Lamberto and Mauro.

Finally sunshine during our stay on the long lake.

And finally I can eat one of my sandwiches (the first one I ate on the bicycle just out of Klaudia's house ... that hungry!) Were almost 2 pm and I was up to the limit of my autonomy. Lorenzo when riding forgets about his primary needs and he continues not listening my advices (for his admission).

After a pleasant break on the lakeshore, greeetings Lamberto and Mauro, we restart, still 40 km to our ultimate goal.
Apart from Ivrea's traffic jam, everything goes smoothly and good pace. When almost arrived in Settimo Vittone Lorenzo starts to make me strange gestures, putting his hand in a vertical position and making a strange smile, it was his way to prepare me to what is waiting for us in the last 4 km.

Indeed I started the climb and I immediately tasted the incredible slopes ranging from a minimum of 9% to 15%.

Fortunately they were only 4 km !!! We take breaks to rest from the ascent and to make several photos including these houses lined up on the rock and above all these gorgeous lambs.

On the road edge just started the ascent we cross this flock of sheep.

Lorenzo immediately falls in love and indulges in various caresses and pictures of this cute animal (it must have been born of a short time).

Piero welcomes us immediately with great hospitality and sympathy, surprisingly surprised to see us so soon since he had not yet prepared the room.
After a short tour of the Cornaley village, we all together went to prepare the room. Unfortunately the house was not inhabited for a long time it required the work of everyone to be reorganized.

Lorenzo and I shared the fear of not being able to warm up in time to shower and go to sleep properly.

From the beginning we could not find the electric stove, once we found we realized that our efforts were useless because it did not work. We opt for the wood burning stove, despite the search for the newspapers, the firelighter, the in-depth cleaning of the ash we finally managed to switch it on, realizing immediately that it would heat up.

Ash cleaning has been very demanding, two ash boxes have been unloaded but a lot of dust went on the floor, therefore we started looking for Broom, blade and vacuum cleaner. The vacuum was obviously equipped with German plug so we started looking for an italian adapter.

Finally we found the adapter out and Piero started energetically to aspire, not realizing however that behind him everything he aspirated was sprayed inside the room, Lorenzo and I watched dumbfounded, With difficulty seeing for the frog caused by the aspirator.

I immediately try to stop Piero before the room was useless and we end up working with the broom and blade. Once we turn on the stove we go to retrieve a bed downstairs and we finish preparing the room. But it's not over.

During the various searches we realized that in another room there was a small hail in lethargy. Piero went out to put him on the windowsill out of the window in a sheltered area, solved this last task we finally deserved a shower. After about 2 hours the room was a small oven.

E finalmente giunge anche il momento del mio tanto agognato pasto. Per il menù ci siamo affidati a Piero che ci ha portato una serie quasi interminabile di squisiti piatti di specialità locali, e ci siamo veramente goduti una bellissima serata in sua compagnia assaporando le prelibatezze del suo ristorante.

And finally comes the time of my long-awaited meal. For the menu we were entrusted to Piero who brought us an almost endless series of exquisite local specialty dishes, and we really enjoyed a beautiful evening in his company savoring the delicacies of his restaurant.

I could not believe how good the food was. I could not have crowned our tiring day better.

The Second Day

The second day begins with the tranquility and relaxation, the silence and peace that surrounds us in this magical place gives us the right burden that I particularly needed.

You obviously go downhill admiring the panorama with the sun that slowly brightens the valley.

The day is finally a sunny day, though windy with wind blowing from the north. Still a greetings to the dear friend Piero who worked so hard for our good stay in Cornaley.

Breakfast at Settimo Vittone, in "Bar Ristoro Bar-H", which has some relevance with the restaurant last night, in fact Bar-H  in italian reads Bar-acca like the restaurant of my friend Piero Baracca Restaurant.

After the nice breakfast we go back to Turin, we go back to the west side of the Dora from Tavagnasco.

It was our intention to bike a part of Valvhiusella but then Lorenzo's flat tyre and the tight times make us choose for a more direct route.

About Volpiano we meet Toni, a nice gentleman, who was taking photographs. We find out during a nice chat that Toni is and he is making a cycling tour guide (he has already published another edict from capricorn editions). Here you can find more information about his guide.

These are the ones I and Lorenzo call the encounters of destiny, who knows that one day there is no interesting collaboration, I like the spirit, very in tune with Cuboviaggiatore. Toni took a picture of us with his camera, which may be published in his next guide. A greeting to Toni.

Trip Data

First Day: Torino - Cornaley passando per Tronzano e Viverone
112 Km
1026 m di dislivello

Second Day: Cornaley - Torino
82 Km

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