Sunday 6 April 2014

A Spring Sunday and the Borgaro-Lanzo bike-way

Today in my usual Sunday bike ride I met this bike-way that starts in Borgaro Torinese and arrives in Lanzo Torinese. I met the first sign indicating the cycling path in Villanova Canavese, while arriving from Cafasse and I tried to follow them.
This cycling path connects Borgaro to Lanzo Torinese crossing the following: Caselle, San Maurizio, Ciriè, San Carlo, Nole, Grosso, Villanova, Mathi e Balangero.  The path is 45 km long, and it uses country side roads and low traffic roads. the bike-way also ride across parks and natural protected areas like Chico Mendes Park and Riserva Naturale del ponte del Diavolo di Lanzo.

I wanted to try in order to verify the riding path quality, we know unfortunately that our cycling paths suffer a not proper design, which sometimes create more problem than help to the riders, especially road bike riders for usability, asphalt quality, tree roots eruptions, gravel, car crossing, elbow turns, unexpected end, one-side only etc.

I have to admit in this case (at least the part I rode), that the riding is quite enjoyable even with racing bike. I have also seen family with children and racing bikers. The view is quite nice, as you can see from the picture I took, especially now in spring with blossom trees and snowy mountain peaks.

In this link dfrom the Ciriè town, where I get these info, you can find the pdt with the complete map (otherwise you can try  here, in case the link has been removed), for the sake o readability I report the vertical bitmap in the following.

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