Friday 5 June 2015

Arrival In Wimmelbach - Fifth Stage (212 Km)

Later in the afternoon there was news coverage on Lorenzo facebook page and the first photo of his arrival in Wimmelbach. From that moment news echo had been a continuous follow up publication that created a chain on social network. Even though Lorenzo is quite far from us, he has greatly moved our emotions and I'am sure many of us would have loved to be together with him in Wimmelbach with Gerd and Silvia to celebrate , may be with a jug of good German beer!

From Lorenzo Travelling Diary

Hello guys, I’ve arrived. I’ll start the narration from morning. A very beautiful day, I believed not to have any doubt on the journey after haven studied the plan, and so it was on the first kilometers. (Photo: this was the spectacular photo at 7.a.m when I just got out of Monaco, however, all the ups and downs that I did, I now feel them in my legs. Finally, today due to some trades, I had a light breeze in my favor. Incredible!!!!!!!)
So, as it is simply obvious, when I came to the end of the cycle path, so began the usual despair. But then this time around I committed myself to my GPS. Before I left,  I made sure I charged  a layout made with the PC on Naviki. It’s a pity that because of the G7 Monaco had remained armoured.

G7 Monaco to Monaco, what a mess!!
Notwithstanding at the end , I got into the first civil  stretch and was obliged to come out and enter into a dugged  cycle path. The map was showing 60 km  to Norimberga. I had done twenty more but still I hadn’t arrived.  At every junction I cultivated some doubts and many a times I was forced to wander about the bushes. However, nothing  to say about the territory, very beautiful panorama, a famous garden jam-full with tourists ready to canoe,  the rocky charming mountains.
At times I was tempted to stop and snap some pictures, but I didn’t. I was riding myself and my luggage full with emotions. It was inevitable recalling the words of CUBO, and so I suddenly paused. Meanwhile, “CUBO I shall learn to feel you even in your absence”

I was late but I enjoyed the landscape,  even here there were no spring to get water. I saw  a small restaurant  in a small countryside. I stopped and they kindly filled my water bottles, then , there was an inviting strawberry cake so, I profited to snack, water refilled and off I went.

Here we are at the borders of a natural garden and I’ll  assure you for real I was breath taken off. Pictures do not do justice to the beauty of the sight. Real remarkable are the hills and then from the attractiveness, this snow chains seems not too high. Come to think about that the altimeter down the street is signaling almost 600m (anyway, recalling of some difficult steep slopes I overcame, I shall be back with the scooter or at most on  a bike without a carriage).

I just took off and here comes the first tire puncture on the back tire, a disastrous dismantlement of bags and carriage.  In summary this retarded me the more. I left knowing that if I don’t take the tarred road, I shall once more have tire puncture. This little metal is terrible, I won’t hide the fact., am once more blocked by the same tire. Off I go, deciding to use the lengthy road in order not to stop and too not to ask in formations. I would only look up to my GPS and set myself on the street that shall finally get me nearer  to Norimberga.

(Photo: Here  there was an encounter with my friend Gerd)
This looks like an insignificant image, meanwhile it means so much to me. I had just these panoramas and I thought of my love ones, thinking of how to transform this into a message, in which  deal my mind went off and I discovered that I was riding in a supportable rhythm as if the bike had been tripped off it’s 28 kg carriage.

Today am really feeling good, because I know that this evening I shall not be all alone . I shall see important people in my life.

Photo: Here am in Halpottstatein. Really very beautiful border with the garden zone. This zone has to be reviewed on a bicycle ride with an MTB, there are km of excavated earth between overflow rivers , and panoramas to cease one’s breath. (It’s around where I had two tire punctures).
The encounter with Gerd and Silvia was like that I had in my Torino – Palermo  journey.

A lot of emotions. He was too proud of me and he was even narrating my journey.

A big party at Gred’s house.  Everybody, sons and bicycle friends as well as neighbors were all invited.

I  thought for Maria,  but when I get home i shall tell her the flavor of freshly harvested strawberry.

The results of the big strawberry party that was thrown for me and the whole family.
Tomorrow I have an interview with a journalist of a daily regional newspaper and I wish there should be an interpreter. Later a skip into a bike shop to buy bicycle air chambers and  cycle computer . cleaning and lubrification  of my bike then am ready  for departure. I’ve noticed some pains today, so I pedaled while standing. I believed I have a light gland once again. There are many things to do and decisions to take just today. Let’s say this is over , I’ll only wish not to cover the same territory even if the new one could be worse, I’ll try.  You think of what enthusiasm can do, I covered kms, drank three large beers , and now it’s almost 1 a.m yet am not sleepy.

Bye catch you tomorrow

Travel Data

Duration 11:33:18
Distance 211.7 km
Avg. speed 18.3 km/h
Energy 8032 kcal
Ascent / Descent 1752 / 1950 m

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