Friday 14 September 2012

Last minute. Maurienne tour (Day 1)

The Moncenisio uphill one of the longest I have never ridden. The Italian side unfortunately is not well maintained even if the landscape is wonderful. There are many buildings abandoned and nor easy to find a place where having food.

I found out only a snack bar which served me a sandwich with bread one day old. The lady tried to make it fresh again putting in the oven... we can discuss about the result.

Almost arrived on the top a strong wind put me in difficulties even to stand and keep bike balance, sometimes I had to walk and the temperature went down up to 9 degrees with even lower perception, but this is was not a problem with my full luggage with me.

What to say about the lake? Always fascinating place and a good subject for pictures.
The Moncenisio Lake with the italian side in the background
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