Sunday 16 September 2012

Col de L'Iseran (Day 3)

The accommodation in Aigueblanche was perfect up to the breakfast moment. I did not expect such a poor breakfast; the old lady didn't play too much attention to me and served me only tea and few bread and croissant. How could I start riding for a 50 km uphill with this breakfast? I asked for ham and cheese, she brought them to me but she was not happy at all, it looked like an unusual request. I asked for extra bread but I think it was too much for her and I did not ask any further. I had a second breakfast in Bourg St Maurice and the overall food was not bad.

The route from Aigueblanche to Aime and Bourg St Maurice is really strange because it looks like and highway, with bridges and tunnels but it has bike lane, very strange feeling, I felt safer there than in other narrow road actually.
From Bourg St Maurice a sign says 43 km to Col de l'Iseran that means more or less the same amount of uphill. Bon curage as the French says. The landscapes don’t miss here and the Lac du Chevril below Tignes offered beautiful blue colour to the mountains frame.

After an huge lunch in Val d'Isere I started the uphill towards the top, the last 17 km, the most impressive 2770 m of Col De L’Iseran. .
On the way up I met a really nice American cuboviaggiatore. I hope he doesn't mind I call him cuboviaggiatore, just joking, we had a nice and really pleasant chat. He is travelling with a Panda around Italy, big challenge!! (My old Panda will thank him). So please American friend stay in contact I would love post some picture of your trip.

The satisfaction on the top was great not possible to describe with words, maybe pictures can do it better. Long downhill toward Lanslevillard, where I had a pleasant evening with UK friends

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