Saturday 23 June 2012

Colle Delle finestre and Gran Serin

Special thanks to biker friend from Boves (Cuneo) who joined me all the way (more to say I was waiting for...) to experience this round of Colle della Vecchia, Cima Ciantiplagna and Gran Serin. A new tour experience for both of us. For a mountain  bikers not  expert as me, the ride has some difficulties, among which some passages in the snow with  bicycle on the shoulder and the particularly stony ground, which makes the downhill not particularly easy but the panorama that is in turn is definitely worth it penalty.

Climb to the Colle della Vecchia
The ascent to the Colle Della Vecchia is exposed to the south and you see the Chisone Valley (far from the top) and is what when you turn to look at it you ask yoursel, did I passed over there?

View of the Chisone Valley from Cima Ciantiplagna
The route reaches up to 2800 meters from the Cima Ciantiplagna, on one side of the route, to the north you can see the Val Susa and on the other, to the south, the Val Chisone, spectacular, especially if the day is as sunny as we were lucky to have.

View of Val Susa from the Punta del Mezzodì

Forte Gran Serin and the friend of mine Andrea,
who I greet and thank him
The Gran Serin ride with respect to the classic Assietta Tour is, in my opinion, more difficult and sincerely when I came to the Colle dell'Assietta after the descent from the Gran Serin I wondered myself whether to do it again or not.


  • Distance: 63.0 km
  • Total vertical climb: ca. 1920 m
  • Surface: Unpaved

The Route

Download here the GPX file from
The Video

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