Saturday 9 November 2013

Mill Valley And Panoramic Hwy.

This is the third time in San Francisco I decided to invest to an high performance rental bike rather than the usual city bike tin order to have possibility to cover a bigger distance and discover new places (for having more fun as well actually).

The bike I got was a Specialized Roubaix. I got it in the blazing saddle shop. The service was not such high quality (I asked for minor details tuning), but the bike was really good and not enough to compensate not such professional assistance.

The first part of my tour was covering the most popular tourist tour up to the golden gate bridge along the coastal area. I departed very early in the morning due to my early wake up for the jet lag, that for me here in San Francisco is very strong, 9 hours difference!

When arriving to the junction for Muir woods I decided to turn right and ride along Panoramic Hwy rather than down to Muir Woods where I've been already 2 years ago.

It is very enjoyable the ride among the sequoia trees.
Once arrived in the ocean road California State Route 1 the landscape of Stinson Beach  which opens in front of my eyes is wonderful. 

The road along the ocean is a continue uphill  and downhill, especially in the uphill parts is possible to better appreciate the beautiful California landscapes. I ride along the ocean side on the California State Route 1 up to Muir Beach.
Once arrived in Muir Beach I take a short break (I'm quite thirsty) and I continue riding along California State Route 1 up to Sausalito again (uphill again). This part north of Sausalito there is a long cycling path and it is really crowded of people either cycling or jogging.From the cycling path you can see quite easily the Sausalito houseboat village (far way visible in this picture).
On this enjoyable cycling path i met a nice guy, Tim, and after a pleasant and nice chat he took of me this picture. Greetings Tim!

 The way back to San Francisco is impressive, as always the Golden Gate bridge provides an impressive view.

There is always still some moment for taking a picture of the bridge before returning the bike. Maybe I will repeat next Saturday, my flight back to Europe is in the evening.

Golden Gate Bridge - Sausalito - Miller Avenue - Mill Valley -Old Mill Park - Panoramic Hwy - Stinson Beach - California State Route 1 - Muir Beach - Sausalito - Golden Gate Bridge

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