Sunday 28 July 2013

Colle della Dieta (Col of Diet)

It is not really clear the name of this mountain pass. The Road that connect Mezzenile with Viù in the Lanzo Valleys is apparently called "Colle della Dieta" (that literally means the "Diet Col") at least there is a sign just before the peak that in the small town called Monti. The local people here tell that the road has been paved within the latest 2 years.

Once arrived in Lanzo, you have to go straight toward Ceres rather than turn in direction of Viù (if you want to climb the "Diet Col" from the north side as I did). Just after Pessinetto there is a junction, turn left in direction of Mezzenile following the sign. It can be also nice a little break in the ancient bridge of Traves where you can take some picture and enjoy the landscape, nowadays the bridge is restored and pedestrian only.

Just after turning in direction of Mezzenile the uphill is starting, up to to Mezzenile no remarkable steep. At a certen point I had the impression to get lost and not being 100% sure about the main road anyway following the instinct it is possible to get the right way. Once arrived in front of the church it is  necessary to turn right and here the road is really steep, fortunately not for long. From here up to Monti there are no big issues, the inclination is around 6-7% maximum 8%.

After the smal town of Monti the situation is changing, there are some steep parts, around 12% of inclination alternating with some more relaxing parts up to arriving at the peak almost at 1500 m of altitude.
At the top the road seems to be with new asphalt this makes supposing the recent pavement.

The downhill towards Viù seems to be very long, but really enjoyable because it is practically all in a wood, especially in summer time when the temperature is high like today.
On the way back to home I was really lucky because I met a group of really fast riders, so I went in the tails of their wheels and I could get some average speed of  45 to 50 Km/h, it was really funny, I would like to take the occasion to thanks them even if I don't know their names.

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