Saturday 1 June 2013

Pedaling for not forget (Day 7)

7th Stage: Salerno - Roccagloriosa

At 7:43, really early in the morning we took this picture and many thanks to Mimmo e Maddalena who woke up so early just for give us their best Regards.

Grand Hotel Salerno.
Here a picture with the director, he is a cyclist as well, he is really nice person and he ask to take a picture with us.
It is unbelievable in the morning wwas really sunny and we took the occasion for sightseeing. We had occasion to visit Paestum Temples and a Mozzarella Factory.

Visiting where they produce the famous "Mozzarella di Bufala". 

Of course with final testing. Wonderful!!!
At 12 , as foreseen, the sun disappeared and again the rain at the horizon. The rain joined us for the rest of the day, sometimes even showers and we were forced to stop due to the cold.

This road was incredible it was so hard that we were destroyed at the end. The uphill was at 27%, due to some work on the main we were forced to a deviation due to landslip. The road was really beautiful, but unfortunately the slope were huge.

This tunnel, maybe coming from a railway was our safety from a tremendous thunderstorm.

We arrived in Palinuro, but we could not enjoy so much such a nice place due to the rain.

GPS Tracking 

Even the GPS was suffering the cold and it stopped in Pisciotta before the junction with the landslip. The total ascent  was 2147 m.

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