Wednesday 12 June 2013

Arrival to "Casa UGI" (Day 18)

16th Stage: The Heroes are back - Sommariva Bosco - Torino (50 Km)

Lorenzo wrote on Facebook just before the arrival in Torino and I translate here:

Today is the last day of our trip From Torino to Palermo "Pedaling for not forget". It has been a very valuable trip for me, I lived very emotional and meaningful moments which will remain in my heart forever. Any place we visited was a memory that accompanied me up to the arrival in Torino as well as for the rest of my life. I would like to transmit the emotions to all our volunteers, because when I was visiting the families my feeling of when they were in the hospital was still alive inside me and all of us were living that moment as is was in the present, it was a really beautiful feeling! It is like I was bringing all the UGI with me during my trip. Now I'm approaching the finish line I would love to embrace you all and especially from the families who express this desire to embrace all the people in "casa UGI". I will be on time, let's wait for me!

The arrival of our heroes.

The embrace with Lorenzo's family.

The embrace with the the little nieces.

Today in "Casa UGI" there is a big party. A good way to celebrate the Aldo and Lorenzo return, they absolutely deserve the party and especially this big cake.

Lorenzo is really happy and touched.

The day of arrival videos

GPS Tracking

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