Saturday 18 May 2013

Riding in Kyoto

Not 100% matching but I would like to thank Naoki-san for his kind availability translating my website name. Very much appreciated.
The night I couldn't sleep too much, the jet lag was really strong, so I took the occasion and I went out for an early visiting of the Nishi Honganji temple.

On the way back to the hotel I met a nice guy owner of a bicycle shop called Passione. Of Course we started chatting about bikes and about Cuboviaggiatore web site and still thanks for the translation, I see that Naoki-san is making his job with great passion, now I understand the reason of his shop name, Passione.
He is a nice guy today was his 5th anniversary since he opened the shop. Good luck Naoki-san for your shop and your future.
A bit expensive compared to other bike rentals I have seen around, anyway I have never ridden this type of bikes and it was a valuable experience... the chain was a bit noisy maybe due to the big crank-set.
First stop at The Shosei-en Garden garden close to the Higashi Honganji temple. Beautiful place, a really Japanese garden style.

The most interesting part for my point of view is riding around without any target just enjoying the local lifestyle. Very nice ancient downtown area with small wood houses, many people with traditional dressing and many people are taking pictures in this area.
The ride along the rivers and channels was really enjoyable, The imperial palace, unfortunately, was closed.

Bike everywhere here, you can ride (of course on the wrong/left side of the road) but even on the walking path, everything for bikes is tolerated.

The experience in the second Ryokan I have stayed was really interesting, a traditional one. It was more expensive than the first one. I cannot say either worse or better there was nothing in the room, just the wooden floor and the wooden ceiling quite noise due to the people moving upstairs.
The room entrance door was made of so thin wood that I could hear everything, unfortunately just outside the door there were the changing shoes place where everybody were chatting here.

Really good dinner with the Italian/German friend, I have to thank him for waking me up because I was so tired that I was already in the dream world at 8 o'clock in the evening.
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