Sunday 28 April 2013

The Hilly area south of Chivasso

This area at Torino doorstep (precisely in the East Part of Torino) offers many possibilities for bikers in both long and short distance ride.

The area is totally hilly and we have to expect continuous uphills and downhills. The vegetation sometimes does not allow to see the landscapes, but when you are at the top of the hills you can enjoy very beautiful landscapes.
Play attention the uphill toward Castagneto Po it is very hard there are some stretches at 14 % inclination.
It is recommended for a lunch break to stop in a nice country side restaurant handled by a family. The place is called Il Tavernone that is located in Vernone as the name leave easily guess.

55, Strada Maestra Fr. Vernone 10020 Marentino, Torino. Tel: (011) 943-5091
For another lunch break stopping in Tonengo on the way toward Cocconato it is recommended a trattoria called trattoria Moia, typical Piemontese "Piola" with interesting assortment of starters. The food quantity is also abundant and prices are really reasonable, many people on the web define it as a traditional ancient time place.

Via Cocconato, 12 - 14023 - Tonengo (AT)
tel: 0141.908132

Itinerario Proposta 1

This is just one proposal but many combinations are possible, please consider the GPS Tracking section.

GPS Tracking

Distance: 62 Km
Total Ascent: 1368 m

Distance: 70.54 Km
Total Ascent: 1213 m

Distance: 78.73 Km
Total Ascent: 1458 m

Distance: 50 Km
Total Ascent: 849 m

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