Monday 23 July 2012

Summer Holidays (Vacanze Marchigiane)

Despite the hot weather, as you can see in these pictures, I had some occasion for an early morning bike ride. After 9 o'clock the temperature were already above 30 degrees and for me was not so suitable and enjoyable. In summary it was not a strong training, but almost a daily constant trainig. I could ride for long only one day up to 140 Km, it was nice before 9 o'clock, afterwards the temperature was so high that I did not enjoy so much.
Sunflowers fields
Sunrise in the Adriatic Sea
Monte San Martino
GPS Tracking

P.S. Elpidio - P.S Giorgio:
just a short ride that day unfortunately I woke up with fever.
P.S. Elpidio - Sirolo
Remebering old times 
P. S. Elpidio - Monte S.Giusto
Distance: 49 Km 

P. S. Elpidio - Grottazzolina
Distance: 67.16 km

P. S. Elpidio - Amandola
Distance: 140 km
I forgot to track the way back :-(
P. S. Elpidio - Rapagnano
Distance: 60 km
P. S. Elpidio - Morrovalle
Distance: 66 km
P. S. Elpidio - Torre di Palme
Distance: 55 km

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