Tuesday 19 June 2012

Colle Del Lys Tour

This tour is very famous among bikers in Turin. It is one of the closer pass to Torino city. The best way to ride this tour is in the anticlockwise. From Torino getting toward Lanzo Valleys via the SP1 road along the east side of La Mandria Park.
Once arrived in Lanzo unfortunately there is a forbidden tunnel for bikes. This is a big problem especially because the Lanzo city administration does not provide any alternative solution for biker who want to get to Lanzo valleys. One possibility is not taking care of the sign (this is the solution I prefer), the tunnel is very short, the other option is crossing Lanzo town following the sign for Viù valley, but this makes the way much longer and and the pavement is not very suitable for race bikes. After the small Viù town turn left for "Colle del Lys" and "Colle San Giovanni" the uphill is not to hard especially if compared with the south uphill starting from Almese. The uphill offers nice landscapes and it allows to breath because there are several part where the slope become really low, even flat. The downhill toward Almese and Rubiana is quite steep and please play attention on this side the traffic is much higher than the north side. For the way back to Torino it is suggested to avoid the SS24 at least in the part from Almese to Milanere. A new very fast variant has been built lately to SS24 I would suggest to get it in order to avoid Alpignano and Pianezza.
  • Distance: 97.1 km
  • Total vertical climb: ca. 1420 m
  • Inclination: Partly hilly - partly flat
  • Surface: Paved

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