Sunday 26 February 2012

Pinarello Rokh testing

Today, despite the roads are still dirty of melting snow, especially in the hills close to Torino, I could not resist to test the new (at least for me) Pinarello Rokh. Extremely comfortable, this is the first feeling while I've been riding for my first time the Pinarello Rokh frame.

 Since the beginning I'm petty happy of my choice, SRAM instead of Campagnolo, despite SRAM Apex has to be considered as lower category compared to Campagnolo Centaur I feel much more comfortable with it, very accurate in the gear change and no strange noise despite using 32 teeth cassette, as it was already when using 29 teeth with Centaur.

Yes, despite the pure race bikers would blame me (I do not blame me :-)) I mounted a 11-32 cassette and I have got the 11-28 as well to change depending on the type of track.  

 I think for the type of use (see the blog) it is more suitable for me. The frame seems to be very stable during downhill and Superga downhill is a very good testing downhill road.

While I was withdrawing the new Pinarello I met in the shop the Japanese friend Hayashi. Hi Hayashi!!
I'm very happy he coud get the DOGMA frame and bring it to Japan.

My best wishes Hayashi.(Turin view from JPN)

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