Friday 27 September 2013

Day 7: The tour of the three cantons

Dal Canton of Solothurn to Canton of Fribourg passing through  Canton of Bern 

Nonostante la giornata sia iniziata in mezzo alla nebbia è stata una gran bella giornata, non solo dal punto di vista mtereologico, la nebbia si è poi alzata e nel pomeriggio si sono anche toccate punte di 30 gradi, ma anche una giornata molto piacevole e tranquilla non particolarmente difficile sia per i dislivelli che per la navigazione.

Although the day started in the fog, it was a great day, not only from the meteorological point of view, but the fog rose and in the afternoon the weather also touched 30 degrees, a very pleasant and quiet day not particularly difficult for both altitude and navigation. I like days like this.

The morning begins with the visit of a dear friend with a pleasant breakfast together (in the bar you can see right in the photo) in the cozy old town of Solothurn, reached after a few miles from the departure, almost all downhill.

A glimpse of the town of Solothurn on the opposite side of the Aare river once past the pedestrian bridge in the center of the village.
From Solothurn to Bern the road is very pleasant, not particularly busy and marked by cycling lanes and some separate sections of bicycle roads.

When I arrived in Bern, I take a break and what better than a bench in the middle of bicycles?

Bern gave me the feeling of being alive and I felt a vitality that the people and the city itself were able to convey, or was it perhaps an impression that I was coming from the black forest?

Reaching my way to Freiburg also here the road is very bike friendly and also the attitude of car drivers are different than the German side area.

It is to be understood that in German Switzerland I have never had the feeling of danger, always or almost, the safety distances were being respected, but I felt on the roads that I was out of the way and every overtaking drivers even if slowing down and respecting the distance they sent me, with their brakes and accelerated to the limit,  a feeling of discomfort. A nuisance due to slowing down their run, as if the cyclist could only be ghettoed on a bicycle track and not on the road. The overtaking was always done at speeds up to the maximum as in a race of formula 1. Here the feeling is different, the road is for everyone and the car is a means of transportation and not for racing, many other people in the roads with bicycles. But let's go back to the trip.
I stop in Freiburg in a bar to drink a coke and immediately make me realize that people here turn to French while in the morning at Solothurn in the bar they were spoken in German.

The feeling is quite different, people greet you and smiles at you. Freiburg is a very pretty city, it would be worth taking a good look in the future.

So I was ready to leave Freiburg and take Rue de la Gruyere, which will take me to Gruyere Lake.

The road is very panoramic though unfortunately on this side the lake is not visible except for brief glimpses because the road passes far enough away.

A glimpse of the town of Gruyeres on the hill, unfortunately the light conditions were not favorable for a brighter picture.

View of Montbovon Train Station.

The climb to Montbovon is not demanding. The Hotel de la gare, in front of the picturesque train station, is one of those places where you feel that time has stopped and the world of globalization has not come here, nowadays places like these are a rarity.
Arrivato in hotel si accorgono che hanno dato la mia stanza ad un altro che arrivava anche lui in bicicletta e dopo una divertente e piacevole contrattazione, me ne assegnano una più bella, una matrimoniale con bagno in camera e vista sule montagne e sulla stazione.

Arrived at the hotel they realized that they gave my room to another person who came by bicycle as well and after a fun and enjoyable bargaining, they give me a more beautiful room, a double with bathroom and view over the mountains and the station.

Tomorrow is the toughest lap of the lap, but I do not feel the discomfort because the prize will be big, that of re-enacting my beautiful girls.

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