Wednesday 25 September 2013

Day 5: The Black Forest

The Black Forest is not flat

Today I start with good intentions to enjoy the views of the Black Forest, quietly, rather than making miles.

I immediately realize that here the plain does not exist, although there are no impressive mountains.

The area is full of animal farms including these long-haired cows and these free pigs (unfortunately in the following photo you do not see them well).
The funny thing is that I did not notice them first, I hear a noise on my right, I notice them and when I turn I see these piglets running to mom, unfortunately the picture does not make it.

I arrive at Schluchsee lake and find a beautiful cycle track that runs along the side.

But when the lake is over, unfortunately the usual odyssey of the bike lanes begins. It would be enough to make bicycle-sized roads and educate motorists that the road is not a formula track, it would be sufficient instead of creating roads for bicycles, which as far as the network is thick can never go anywhere (It would be called Holland).

Bicycle routes sometimes appear with the signs, if you are lucky even indicating what is your destination, but then suddenly vanish. Or just like today, they become dirt, at the beginning a light dirt then at some point slightly worsens, I ask some cyclists, but they do not speak English. While we try to understand each other a girl arrives in MTB and tells me that I can continue that this stretch is not difficult. To get to Feldberg, however, there are two possibilities either a dirt road or the road along with the cars. Let's take a piece of road together then she takes the dirt road and I continue on the road. She tells me of her long-distance trips both in Norway and in New Zealand, I propose to tell  about them on CuboViaggiatore.

I have the impression that for the Germans the bikes are only permissible on a bicycle track and bother the road where they normally run as Formula One riders. Unlike the Italians, however, they all overtake you with abundant security distances.
The climb to Feldberg offers in some stretches these pleasant villages. The road is busy but maybe I'm starting to prefer traffic to the puzzle bike path.

After passing the Feldberg Pass I head towards Feldberg Village, a typical ski resort, with a functioning cable-car.
While I am photographing these slopes and trying to imagine them in the winter full of skiers and snow, I am beside a pizzeria and I hear Italian music.

I immediately make quick considerations such as bike parking, hunger, temptation for a pizza and I can not resist even though I have sandwiches in my bag, now they are not inviting, considering also the temperatures here are lower I just want to something hot. A good pizza, a good way to celebrate my arrival at the northernmost point of my tour.

After lunch breaks down in descent towards Todtnau, cute little village ...

.. here the local specialty seems to be this mixture between ski and toboggan slopes (Rodelbahn Todtnau).

A ski lifts are used to bring both people and bicycles to the hills of this incredible and long mountain slope.

Still a bit of descent and then resumes the long climb into a typical Black Forest landscape (you go back over 1000 meters), which will take me to Todtmoos.

On this uphill I enjoy the incredible views of the forest and take advantage of it for a while to rest because it starts to have too much uphills in the legs for today.

The location of Todtmoos seems to be very touristy and pretty, but unfortunately my arrival at the hotel was not the best in terms of welcoming, at the reception desk there was no one, after hearing a little noise  finally a very young girl comes who does not speak English at all, I try to explain her that I need to put the bicycle in a safe place as per booking info but she does not seem to handle the situation because she tries to show me the elevator I ask to myself if there is enough space to bring it in room. I unload the Extrawheel, not very pleased with the idea of ​​adding the job of loading the bicycle for 2 floors and dismounting and reassembling the trailer. As soon as I get out of the trailer, the hotel manager arrives with whom I can easily communicate in English and drive me into the garage. So I have to reassemble the Extrawheel and bring the bicycle in the garage from outside, some time in More and unnecessary work, but in the end I succeed in my intention of putting the bike in a safe place.

Being still early, I can also take a little stroll around the town before dinner, the cute thing is this plush shop selling local wildlife plush. Dinner is good, the restaurant is crowded, I ate good cheese spatzles, but they were covered with fried onion.
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