Sunday 30 June 2013

Ayas Valley (Day 2) - Col De Joux and Col Tze Core

This is the Monte Rosa view from my window when I woke up, completely different from the view the day before. In the evening, chatting with the Hotel Alpe Fleurie owner, he advised me about an alternative route on the way back to Turin. He proposed me to pass through the Col De Joux e Col Tze Core, from Brusson the uphill is not too tough consideraing that the starting point from Brusson is already at 1332 meters of altitude.

Finally the sun gives the right value ate the beauty of these mountains.

Before starting the downhill towards Brusson and the Col De Joux climbing I preferred to warm me up with a small uphill towards the end of Val D'Ayas Valley and I climbed up to Saint Jacques.

Saint Jacques. The departure of a group of mountain bikers.

Before starting the Col De Joux from Val D'Ayas, in Brusson you can find a nice playground area and picnic area close by a small and nice lake.  

This is the view from the peak of  Col de Joux looking at the big Aosta's valley, from here the downhill is starting, and it is very enjoying due to the very wonderful view available while riding the downhill.

Don't forget to turn left toward Sommarese at a certain point of the downhill otherwise the Col De Joux downhill lead you down to Saint-Vincent. This is the view you can have just after turning towards the Col Tze Core direction.

On the uphill upper point there is a very nice picnic area, that it is not too much advertised and famous, so can enjoy even in summer a not too crowded place. The area consists table and seats made of wood in the typical Aosta Valley style, you can also utilize the available barbeque (it is not the case if you are traveling with the bike). I had my sandwiches here.

From Col Tze Core again downhill down to arriving to Verres, where if you want you can have a rest, there are bars and restaurant in the historical main street. From Verres it is also possible to avoid the main road (SS26) if you turn towards Issogne. The road on the other side of the Dora river has less traffic than the SS26 that can be avoided up to Bard where it is possible to get back to the main road by passing across a pedestrian bridge which offers a nice view of the Forte di Bard on the south side and on the north side on Dora River valley as you can see in these following pictures.

View on the south side Forte di Bard.
View on the northern side of the pedestrian Bard's bridge.

In Quincinetto is finally possible again to skip the S26 passing on the other side of the dora river and ride for quite roads passing across Quassolo, Baio Dora, Fiorano Canavese, Lorenzè.

This area called Canavese is famous for being the "Strada Reale Dei Vini Torinesi", and if not tired of uphill is possible to appreciate again beautiful landscapes passing across San Martino Canavese and Valfrè.

Route - Col De Joux Col Tze Core

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