Saturday 25 June 2011

Extrawheel Bike configuration

Which is the best bike configuration for travelling independently with luggages? Good question! It depends I would say. I always thought about travelling with bike with the typical configuration with bags attached on the rear rack and, maybe if necessary even on the front side with the special rack attached to the fork. 

I always dreamed about more days bike travels, without forcing anyone else to follow me by car in order to bring my luggages. At the same time if I have to choose which is the bike I prefer riding I would say, with no any doubt the the road bike. The road bike in my view is the more comfortable one, with the best riding position and the only one I can ride for many hours with no pain. Additionally from my point of view riding the road bike gives more fun than any other kind of bike.  How could I get a solution for the following?
  • attaching a rack for bags on a carbon frame that normally does not provide any predisposition
  • preserving the pleasure to ride a road bike without introducing the typical unbalancing due to bags weight
The best solution to fulfil these requirements I could find out is the Extraweel system, you can see pictures applied to my road bike or direct refer to this link.

These pictures show about my personal experience with extrawheel trailer, please for more detailed information visit the web site
My customized Extrawheel system does not include the mud guards and the flag additionally the wheel has been replaced with a road wheel the same type as the front wheel.

Attaching the Extrawheel is pretty simple, the only modification necessary is to change the quick release. Being all the system attached to the centre of the rear wheel there are no unbalancing introduced to the bike, personally I reached the 70 Km/h in the downhill without any problem. I would even say that the bike is more stable due to the third wheel.

In the following video there is a clear description on how to initially set the Extra-wheel trailer.

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