Tour Proposals

In this section you can find some proposals for daily bike ride, for your 2 days weekend tours or even more days trip proposals with more stages. Some proposal are in the Turin Surrounding Area, others in the Piedmont Area, furthermore you can find trip proposals with stages planning and hotel recommendation (i.e. France, Germany, Switzerland, etc.). Of course for your trip inspiration you can also use our Trip Reports on Cuboviaggiatore.

Around Turin

Torino Tour

Starting from Piazza Massaua, the idea is to plan a long ride without moving too much from the city. the track is partially hilly and partially flat. I think it can be good for long distance training without being too far from home.

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Torino Hills Tour

Starting from Piazza Rivoli, the idea is to train in the hill staring from the city. The route is pratically all hilly, flat is only the part in the city.
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Torino Hills Tour (Da San Mauro)

San Mauro is in a strategic position, it is at the base of Torino hills area from here there are several bike rides possible. It is at the junction of the Po river with the Stura Lanzo river thanks to this position a good bike paths along riversides are available.

Chivasso Hilly Area

This area at Torino doorstep (precisely in the East Part of Torino) offers many possibilities for bikers in both long and short distance ride.

Piedmont Area

Assietta Road
This tour is very famous high altitude unpaved road. It is suitable for mountain bike. It is not too far away from Torino (about 80 Km).

Colle Del Lys Tour
This tour is very famous among bikers in Turin. It is one of the closer pass to Torino city.
40th-issimo Cup (Colle Fauniera)

The way I celebrated my 40th birthday. The tour is not too long but the uphill is quite tough and famous because here Pantani won and a statue is dedicated to him at the top


Dalle Alpi al Mount Ventoux (1st Edition)

The famous! The never finished! I will be there again!!!! Click on the Map for travel details.